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5 Hair Tips Every Surfer Girl Needs

Bare Beauty House is Located in Manly, home one of Australia’s most famous surf beaches, Bare Beauty House recognises the importance of taking care of your hair, in and out of the ocean. To help you maintain happy and healthy hair this summer here are

5 Hair tips every surfer girl needs

Natural hair products

  1. Wet your hair before going into the water.

Wetting your hair before a surf prevents the absorption of salt water. Salt water dehydrates your hair and scalp, leaving it feeling dry, brittle, and frizzy. By simply wetting your hair with fresh water before going for a surf, you are able to stop the absorption, keeping your hair soft and healthy.

  1. Avoid over-washing.

Most people would think that if they get into the ocean they need to wash their hair to get it back to soft healthy hair afterwards but this isnt the case. You will actually dry your hair out more doing this so the best thing you can do is to rinse all the saltwater out of your hair and apply a nourishing conditioner or hair mask to towel dried hair (another tip is, when you towel dry don’t rub your hair instead squeeze the water out gently) Our hair is in its most fragile state when its wet so if any damage will happen this is the most likely time.

  1. Hair oil daily.

This tip is a non negotiable for anyone who is in the ocean a lot. Adding a good quality hair oil to your daily routine will help seal any split ends and add extra nourishment (which all us beach babes need) My absolute favourite hair oil is the Nurturing Drops by Oway its a non greasy biodynamic organic product that is highly concentrated, so you only need a few drops to feel the benefit of its nurturing powers. Plus its probably the best smelling product I’ve ever used, like I seriously considered using it as perfume somedays (and possibly already have). You can use it on wet and dry hair as well as adding it to you hair mask or conditioner for some extra nourishment (don’t we just love a hybrid product) Anyway back to my initial point of using it as what its intended for, a hair oil. Once you have found your favourite you apply it to the mid lengths and ends of towel dried hair (your pony tail essentially), once your hair has been rinsed and conditioned. Let your hair dry naturally or style as usual and then you will use the hair oil again on dry hair every morning and every night applying it to the ends of your hair to seal the cuticle and prevent breakage. This works like a night cream for your skin would, soaking into your hair and nourishing it overnight.

  1. Moisturising Hair mask 

Another method of keeping you hair healthy when surfing and swimming in the ocean is by applying a hair mask after you have rinsed our the salt water.  Simply rinse your hair after your surf and apply your favourite moisturising hair mask to towel dried hair. You don’t need to leave the hair mask on for long, just a few minutes is enough to help add back the moisture that the salt water has dried out. Essentially you are using your hair mask as a deep conditioner after a surf  to replenish your locks. Your hair will be left feeling softer, smoother, and silkier than before. For more information about hair masks, make sure to have a chat with our expert hairdressers here at Bare Beauty House.

  1. No rubber bands.

When surfing and swimming it is extremely important that you do not tie your hair with a rubber band. This will cause breakage when removed, leading to split ends and hair damage. If you need to tie your hair up try using a thin scrunchie or a tie with fabric rather than elastic.

Each of these tips will help ensure your hair remains happy and healthy, keeping moisturised and maintained when in and out of the ocean this summer!

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