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23 Easy Tips to be more sustainable at home

Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources, and one’s personal resources. On the surface, it can be incredibly daunting to reduce your environmental footprint, especially when you see that others around you seem to be sailing through their sustainable journey. When you break it down into small steps, you realise you have more power than you thought. To take the stress out of things I wanted to put together a list of 23 simple things you can do around the house to make a big difference, AND they will also help save you money.
  1. Use LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting as it’s proven to last longer, which reduces the need to keep purchasing light bulbs.
  2. Put on an extra layer of clothing instead of turning on the heating. Seriously, doubling up on your socks does wonders!
  3. Open up your blinds and use as much natural light as possible before switching on your light bulbs. You all get to enjoy some more sunshine 🙂
  4. Turn off your lights when you leave a room.
  5. Put up a no junk mail sign on your letterbox to limit the amount of paper waste.
  6. Hang your wet clothes on a drying line or rack instead of using a powered dryer.
  7. Grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables, even if it’s just a few pots around the house, it all helps!
  8. Turn off your devices at night, including your wifi box.
  9. Get a water-saving shower head.
  10. Use organic fertilisers.
  11. Purchase recycled toilet paper with plastic-free packaging. #whogivesacrap
  12. On the topic of toilets, use scrap paper, newspaper, or toilet paper to collect pet poo.
  13. Juice the off-cuts of your vegetables and fruits.
  14. Repurpose glass jars.
  15. Use washable metal straws instead of disposable plastic straws.
  16. Limit the use of hot water when hand washing dishes.
  17. Use cloths instead of paper towels.
  18. Make your own coffee instead of buying takeaway.
  19. Ditch your bin liner or use newspaper instead.
  20. Start composting.
  21. Use a dishwasher instead of hand washing.
  22. Invest in a pressure cooker and reduce your cooking time and and energy used by 70%
  23. Make reusable bees wax wraps to cover your leftovers with and stop using cling film.
Obviously no-one expects you to be able to do all items on this list and if you do, power to you, you eco warrior 👊🏻👊👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 Picking even a handful of items will make a bigger difference than you think and I bet you will be surprised at how easily they can be adapted into your lifestyle - that’s if you want to make a change... As always I hope I have provided some valuable information… until next time 💋🍃 Make sure you don't miss out - Sign up to "The Bare Facts" at

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