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Why Is Facial Massage A Necessity, Not A Luxury?

There are over 40 muscles in our face that are continuously at work, when we laugh, frown, squint, talk or express our emotions in any other way. They are often the first ones to store stress and tension along with old emotions and past memories. That’s why we can tell someone’s character just by looking at the lines on their face. Facial muscles support an amazing function that allows us to express our unique selves!⁣

Continuous daily use of facial muscles means that over time they shorten and harden, they’re no longer able to return to their original length and form. Shortened muscles pull soft tissue and skin on the surface and as a result we start to get deeper and deeper expression lines; some of us start to clench or grind; others develop headaches or twitches. In addition to this, facial muscles fight gravity every second of the day or at least they are supposed to fight it when in their healthy tone.⁣

⁣Regular facial massage is not only an aesthetic, but a therapeutic treatment vital for maintaining health and tone of facial muscles. Sculptural facial massage brings these muscles back to their original shape and length, softens lines, melts away tension, releases past emotions and simply soothes your Soul!

During the treatment clients feel deeply relaxed and often fall in and out of sleep. After the treatment they have that well-rested relaxed post-holiday look and report feeling completely different only wishing they’d found out about it much earlier.

⁣Of course emotions and stresses will start to build up again over time as such is our nature, so it’s important to have treatments on a monthly basis. Regular facial massages started at a young age prolong relaxed youthful look on the face for many years ahead and are certainly a long-term investment. ⁣