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Our Story

Inspired by the beauty of the Northern Beaches, our salon is dedicated to making the world a more sustainable place, minimising our carbon footprint and using environmentally friendly practises to help our local marine life flourish.

A combination of Naomi’s love of the ocean and passion for the hair and beauty industry are the driving force behind Bare Beauty House. The salon offers guilt-free beauty by using sustainable and cruelty-free products that are kind to the body and the environment.

Bare Beauty House practices minimising its environmental footprint and recycles all salon waste through Sustainable Salons. The salon also uses Eco Shower Heads which purifies the water and reduces the amount of water used by 60%.

Equally important to Bare Beauty House is supporting the local community, whether that’s through its street library on the side of the building, or supporting local businesses and holding community clean up events.

Bare Beauty House is committed to being your source of inspiration to protect the environment and we’ll never stop pushing the boundaries of hair and beauty to become the best we can; giving you the confidence that you’re making the right choices for our world.

You won’t want to leave, but when you do, you will look and feel amazing, because we believe beauty shouldn’t cost the earth.

our commitment

Minimum water wastage

We choose to use EcoHeads at our basins to help us save 60% of the water needed to wash your hair. The ecohead system also purifys the water that is used so no nasty toxins from the pipes are being washed onto your scalp.

Support products with a purpose

Not only are all our products ranges toxic free, we also choose to support brands that give back to our environment. For example O Way has designed its colour tube’s with a special lining that breaks down to ensure the tube can be fully recycled.Our beauty rooms are stocked with Synergie Skin who practise clean science and run completely off solar power. 

Working towards zero waste

At Bare Beauty House we are constantly evolving and always looking for innovative ways to recycle our waste. We are partnered with Sustainable Salons, a company that turns our waste into food, roads & furniture. Excess hair clippings are turned into hair booms, used to soak up oil spills in the ocean. We also have a worm farm to compost all our food waste.

Improve biodiversity

We are dedicated to helping improve our biodiversity. We do this by growing seasonal crops in our veggie patch which are used to enhance our filtered water or add to our loose leaf tea blends. We also support The Growing Trend and have a street planter out front for the locals to enjoy.

No harm to animals

We love our furry friends, big and small. At Bare Beauty House we guarantee to never use products that have ever tested on animals or cause any harm to animals. 

Rest assured knowing that our products are plant based and vegan friendly.

Green energy

We’re carbon offsetting. We buy eligible carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions we produce. These offsets are created from initiatives that prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Contribute to our community

At Bare Beauty House we value our local community and strive to give back as much as possible. To help us do this consistently, we have built a street library for everyone to enjoy. We also contribute to community fundraisers and hold events to either raise funds or awareness for causes and charities close to our heart.

Eco-luxe treatments

One of the main goals at Bare Beauty House is to provide eco-luxe hair and beauty treatments. To us, this means providing blissfully indulgent treatments using toxic free products that are results driven. Our products provide high end, visible results with positive long term effects on your hair skin and nails. We call this “Sustainability without Compromise”


At Bare Beauty House we have a strong value to remain inclusive. 

To us this means providing sustainable hair & beauty salon treatments and information to everyone.

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Become part of a better future, working towards zero waste together.