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2022 Hair and beauty Trends

Sayonara 2021!!  Time to let go of those hibernation hoodies and get back into our groove. We experimented with the relieving thought that no one will see us but now all eyes will be on you. How will you enter this new year? Grown out highlighted hair & cracking, out grown nail polish? I think not! This year we will enter with our heads held high strutting down the street with bold hair, expressive nails and our skin glowing.

Our lockdown years were all about reimagining ourselves at home with the limited supplies we could grasp onto. It included our bad DIY colours and cuts. We saw mullets reviving and a more modern female approach. Wolf cuts swarmed social media and paved the way for bolder more modernised cuts. As we experimented with our kitchen scissors a new way of expressionistic hair was created. Simplicity was no more.

Texture, layers and free hand cutting will be all the rage as we explore ourselves and what is going to compliment us the most. Jaggered free style cutting made to flatter your face and designed just for you. This new style is not for the faint hearted and the trust in your stylist increases substantially as if Edward Scissorhands himself is standing behind you. Eek.

This textured extravagance of shapes will be followed by the BBB. Big Bouncy Blowdries. Volumised hair perfectly bouncing as you make your perfectly delayed entrance. We also move forward into embracing the curly side of life.

This year is all about becoming our most authentic self. There is no time for “safe” looks. Through 2021 we saw little pops of colour appear and in 2022 these will be taken to the next level. Bold, bright colours catching our eyes as we trudge to work. In the British Vogue January Magazine cover you can see Kristen McMenamy rocking her extravagant hair. Already we can see the redevelopment of Dip Dyes and horizontal stripes giving individuals that oomph they have so long desired for.

On the beauty side of things we expect this colourful embrace to continue into the year. Bright fresh nails will flow through the year to pay tribute to our beautiful seasons. Early 2000’s inspired French tips have started making a come back but with a twist of colour. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is our bodies first line of defence. Due to living in Australia our skin requires different assistance than other countries. We are tinted by our glowing sun and engulfed in the salts from our beaches. It is time to perfect a skin care routine that will last you a life time. After vigorous tanning trying to catch up after lockdown, a good skin care routine will give your skin the nourishment it needs. This year we deserve to have fresh healthy skin full of life and radiating good energy. Hello Vitamin infusions and light therapy!

All in all 2022 is all about you. Your hair, your skin and your ability to be you. At Bare Beauty House we strive to help you understand yourself on the outside so you feel your best on the inside.

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