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Keratin treatment sydney

Best place to get a low tox keratin treatment in Sydney

As we see our clients making more informed and conscious decisions around what products they use on their hair, exactly what ingredients are in a Keratin Treatment is becoming a regular conversation in our salon. So we thought it's time we addressed the ins and outs of where is the;

Best place to get a low tox keratin treatment in Sydney

Keratin treatment sydney Well obviously we're going to say OUR salon but stay with me. Firstly what you need to know is that when it comes to hair colour and keratin treatments, whilst they have never been as low tox as they are now, it's actually impossible to have fully organic products that work. Instead the best we can do, like here at Bare Beauty, is offer a brand that is as "clean as it gets". What that means is we source products that are as low tox and as possible. Ensuring a checklist of ingredients are excluded such as parabens, sulfates, chemical based surfactants, and the big F, formaldehyde.

We use Bhave made in New Zealand and for more reasons than you would think.

New Zealand wool is soft and strong,
Much like a hug from an old friend on a windy hilltop. And it turns out New Zealand wool can be processed to hold and nourish our hair too. It's why Bhave products use the natural strength and binding power of bioactive keratin. Derived and extracted from pure New Zealand sheep's wool, bioactive keratin makes sure those mane-boosting proteins and amino acids are kept intact (unlike most hair care products - which use hydrolyzed keratin, an ingredient extracted from animal hooves and ears - yuck!) Bioactive keratin was originally developed by scientists to heal wounds and severe burns. This form of keratin technology is not only kinder to our sheep friends, it also mirrors the damage to your hair's internal structure then works to rebuild it from the inside out.
Bio-active keratin perfectly matches hair keratin,
They link together to lock the structure in place. This structure is essential for the protein to perform its role, keeping hair strong & flexible. Other keratin technologies break up the protein when extracted & damage the amino acids, losing the important zipper traction needed to bind for genuine hair repair. this keratin is NOT a functional keratin.
Pure New Zealand wool is a 100% natural material,
Farmed throughout the pristine countryside of New Zealand, the sheep grow a thick fleece of wool to protect themselves from New Zealand’s harsh winter. This wool is harvested during Spring so that the sheep do not have a full fleece during the long, hot summer. During Autumn the fleece grows back in readiness for the coming winter. The wool is harvested by shearing, using electric clippers in much the same way as getting a haircut. Following shearing, sheep return to the fields to continue grazing and raise their young. No animals are harmed at any stage of the wool harvesting process. Our product is tested on humans not animals ensuring they bring no harm to animals whatsoever. That's why we're the best place to get a low tox keratin treatment in Sydney; at Bare Beauty House. It's important for us to ensure yours (and our teams) safety and peace of mind with a low tox product that doesn't cause harm to animals. You can trust that we only use a curated list of products that've gone through a strict screening process. So if you're looking for a keratin treatment in Sydney come and get in touch with us here and we can ensure we will take care of your hair in the best way possible.

What Does Sustainable Hairdressing Really Mean?

In recent years, the beauty industry has been abuzz with the concept of sustainability, driven by a growing concern for the environmental impact of its practices. Sustainability has become more than just a buzzword; it's a commitment to making real changes in how beauty services are provided. Bare Beauty House, situated in the picturesque Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches, is leading the way as a sustainable hair salon, demonstrating that sustainability can be integrated into the world of hairdressing. But what exactly does sustainable hairdressing entail, and how can it be effectively put into practice? At its core, sustainability refers to the ability to maintain something at a certain rate or level, with a specific focus on ensuring a continuous consciousness for the environment. When it comes to hairdressing, this means adopting practices and using products that minimize environmental impact and contribute to the overall well-being of the planet. Bare Beauty House has embraced this by consciously selecting sustainable products and implementing recycling initiatives. One significant step towards sustainable hairdressing is the choice of eco-friendly products like the Oway range. Oway's commitment to sustainability is evident in its 99% plastic-free packaging and the use of biodynamic organic ingredients. By incorporating products like Oway into our salon services, Bare Beauty House not only offers quality hair care but also showcases sustainability in action. These products are sourced from materials and ingredients that can be maintained and recycled, reinforcing the concept of sustainability. In addition to product choices, Bare Beauty House takes a step further by using water-soluble wax in our hair removal services. This wax is not only effective for hair removal but is also biodegradable, dissolving in water without a trace. This practice ensures that no harmful residues are left to impact the environment, producing zero waste in the process. Nevertheless, despite best efforts, some waste generation is unavoidable in the salon. The key to sustainable hairdressing is how this waste is handled. At Bare Beauty House, a meticulous waste management system is in place. All waste, whether it's product packaging or hair clippings, is sorted and recycled according to environmentally friendly guidelines. Remarkably, the hair waste collected is transformed into what’s called a hair boom. These are then used in recycling initiatives to soak up oil spills in the ocean. This commitment to cleaning up our oceans is essential for maintaining a pristine environment, especially considering the salon's proximity to Sydney's most beautiful beach, Manly. Beyond the salon itself, Bare Beauty House ensures that sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are integrated into their daily operations. For instance, all food waste generated within the salon is composted in dedicated compost bins. This compost serves as a natural fertilizer, enriching the soil to keep the plants throughout the salon vibrant and healthy. This commitment to composting is a clear example of putting sustainability into practice and demonstrates that the salon's environmental consciousness extends beyond its primary services. Sustainable hair and beauty salons are more than just a trendy catchphrase; it's about taking meaningful actions to reduce our environmental impact. Bare Beauty House exemplifies this commitment by carefully selecting sustainable products, implementing recycling initiatives, and maintaining eco-friendly practices both within and outside the salon. In doing this Bare Beauty House demonstrates what a sustainable salon truly means – a dedication to the environment, reduced environmental footprint, and the preservation of our beautiful planet. So, as you walk out of Bare Beauty House with your hair and skin looking stunning, you can also feel good knowing that you've supported a salon that prioritises sustainability and environmental responsibility, leaving both you and the planet looking and feeling their best! We call this “Sustainability without Compromise” For more information you can visit us in the salon or give us a call on (02) 8593 0264

5 Hair Tips Every Surfer Girl Needs

Bare Beauty House is Located in Manly, home one of Australia’s most famous surf beaches, Bare Beauty House recognises the importance of taking care of your hair, in and out of the ocean. To help you maintain happy and healthy hair this summer here are

5 Hair tips every surfer girl needs

Natural hair products
  1. Wet your hair before going into the water.
Wetting your hair before a surf prevents the absorption of salt water. Salt water dehydrates your hair and scalp, leaving it feeling dry, brittle, and frizzy. By simply wetting your hair with fresh water before going for a surf, you are able to stop the absorption, keeping your hair soft and healthy.
  1. Avoid over-washing.
Most people would think that if they get into the ocean they need to wash their hair to get it back to soft healthy hair afterwards but this isnt the case. You will actually dry your hair out more doing this so the best thing you can do is to rinse all the saltwater out of your hair and apply a nourishing conditioner or hair mask to towel dried hair (another tip is, when you towel dry don't rub your hair instead squeeze the water out gently) Our hair is in its most fragile state when its wet so if any damage will happen this is the most likely time.
  1. Hair oil daily.
This tip is a non negotiable for anyone who is in the ocean a lot. Adding a good quality hair oil to your daily routine will help seal any split ends and add extra nourishment (which all us beach babes need) My absolute favourite hair oil is the Nurturing Drops by Oway its a non greasy biodynamic organic product that is highly concentrated, so you only need a few drops to feel the benefit of its nurturing powers. Plus its probably the best smelling product I've ever used, like I seriously considered using it as perfume somedays (and possibly already have). You can use it on wet and dry hair as well as adding it to you hair mask or conditioner for some extra nourishment (don't we just love a hybrid product) Anyway back to my initial point of using it as what its intended for, a hair oil. Once you have found your favourite you apply it to the mid lengths and ends of towel dried hair (your pony tail essentially), once your hair has been rinsed and conditioned. Let your hair dry naturally or style as usual and then you will use the hair oil again on dry hair every morning and every night applying it to the ends of your hair to seal the cuticle and prevent breakage. This works like a night cream for your skin would, soaking into your hair and nourishing it overnight.
  1. Moisturising Hair mask 
Another method of keeping you hair healthy when surfing and swimming in the ocean is by applying a hair mask after you have rinsed our the salt water.  Simply rinse your hair after your surf and apply your favourite moisturising hair mask to towel dried hair. You don't need to leave the hair mask on for long, just a few minutes is enough to help add back the moisture that the salt water has dried out. Essentially you are using your hair mask as a deep conditioner after a surf  to replenish your locks. Your hair will be left feeling softer, smoother, and silkier than before. For more information about hair masks, make sure to have a chat with our expert hairdressers here at Bare Beauty House.
  1. No rubber bands.
When surfing and swimming it is extremely important that you do not tie your hair with a rubber band. This will cause breakage when removed, leading to split ends and hair damage. If you need to tie your hair up try using a thin scrunchie or a tie with fabric rather than elastic. Each of these tips will help ensure your hair remains happy and healthy, keeping moisturised and maintained when in and out of the ocean this summer!

What Hair Colour Suits Me? How To Choose A Hair Color To Suit Your Skin Tone

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through endless pictures of gorgeous hair colours and wondered which suits you best? Don’t worry; we all have been there. Choosing the perfect hair colour can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But we are here;

to help you find a hair color to suit your skin tone

From understanding the different undertones and hair colour ideas to exploring different 2023 hair colour trends for females, we have all the tips and tricks to help you make an informed decision. So let’s unveil the secrets of choosing a hair colour that suits you. After all your hair is the crown you never take off! crown.

Understanding undertones:

To find the hair colour that flatters your features, you first need to identify your undertone. So first, let’s take a look at the types of undertones:
  • Warm undertone:

If your skin has a golden and peachy hue and tends to tan easily, you likely have a warm undertone. Hair colours that suit warm undertones include rich browns, golden blondes, and coppery reds. Opting for rich browns will help you infuse your locks with depth and warmth, which will also help you to create a stunning contrast against your skin. On the other hand, golden blondes will help you mimic the radiance of sun-kissed highlights, enhancing your natural glow. However, if you want your hair to be the centre of attention and make a bold statement, opt for coppery reds to add a fiery touch that will help you bring out vibrancy. Thus, embrace the warmth and radiance of these colours and watch them transform your look with their vibrant and captivating appeal. However, after choosing a colour, you need to opt for a professional service, and you can do this by searching the web for a ‘hair salon near me’.
  • Cool undertones:

Cool undertones are characterised by pink or rosy undertone in the skin. In addition, they also tend to burn under the sun. If you belong to such a category, certain hair colours for women will beautifully complement your complexion. If you want to opt for a trending and chic hair colour, look no further than an ashy brown balayage with sandy blonde ends. The blend of light and dark ones will help add depth and dimension to your hair. Cool blondes featuring icy and platinum hues provide a striking contrast against your cool undertones, resulting in an elegant and eye-catching appearance. For a more dramatic effect, you can opt for vivid blacks, which will help you intensify the coolness of your complexion and create a bold statement. These hair colours will work harmoniously with your complexion and give you a distinctive, alluring look. However, don’t attempt this at home, opt for an experienced and professional hairdresser on Northern Beaches for all your hair colouring needs!
  • Neutral undertones:

Neutral undertones indicate a harmonious balance between warm and cool tones in your skin. This undertone opens up a range of possibilities when choosing a hair colour. Here, you can opt for chocolate browns which will help you enhance your natural beauty with their deep and luscious hues. If you want to add dimension and a touch of warmth, caramel highlights can be a delightful choice, creating a sun-kissed effect. And for adventurous people, why not experiment with bold fashion colours? So unleash your creativity and express your unique styles with vibrant hues that reflect your personality.

The importance of finding the right salon and hairdresser

Once you have decided on a colour, it is essential to find a reputable hair salon and hairdresser to bring your vision to life. You can simply search the web for ‘Hair Salon Near Me’ to find professional salons near you. This search lets you check the types of hair colouring and hair styling services they provide. However, check their reviews and testimonials to ensure their reliability.


Finding the perfect hair colour is all about understanding your undertone and exploring the hair colour options that enhance your natural beauty. However, if you are still trying to find the perfect colour that fits the hair colour trends of 2023, get in touch with the professionals at Bare Beauty House. Our professionals will understand your needs, consider your hair concerns and provide a solution that best suits you and your hair. From cutting and styling to colouring and hair and scalp treatment, we cover everything! So take the first step towards finding the perfect hair colour to suit your skin tone by contacting us at or calling us on (02) 8593 0264 

Why hair treatments are a must for everyone

Our hair is one of our strongest forms of expression. We can change it from bright bold colours to natural tones and whilst these changes aren’t forever, they can have a lasting effect to our hair. Some of us have virgin hair and prefer to express ourselves by changing the length of our hair. To maintain healthy hair, hair treatments are a must! They will aid healthy growth and the overturning of new healthy cells. As our hair rests on our head UV rays, pollution and general external pollutants make their way through our hair cuticles. Hair and scalp treatments will help rejuvenate your hair and maintain the integrity of healthy hair. Sometimes, depending on the external damage you will need treatments to rebuild the structure of the hair. At Bare Beauty House we use all natural butter based bleach and we aim to lift your hair without damage, however damage may still occur from the sun, pollution or the incorrect shampoo and conditioner. Getting a treatment in salon is a quick process that does not need a full day reserved. We first start with a consult about your hair and scalp to determine what treatment is best suitable for your hair type and the result you are wanting to achieve. After we determine the path it is a quick 20-30 minute which includes a head massage ;). A in salon treatment is a nice way to relax and treat yourself but it is also a necessity. At home treatments are another great way to maintain your hair between in salon treatments and getting your hair colour or cut. Masks are a great product to bring into your shower or bath routine. Simply leave it on the ends of your hair as you scrub and shave then give it a rinse. There are many other products that can be easily applied before you go through your day. A leave in moisture cream, nurturing oils and a scalp balm are all great simple ways that you can nurture your hair. As our world came into the industrial revolution more and more pollution spread through the air and our hair. In the modern age we are trying to find a more sustainable way to supply energy but there will always be pollutants in the air. These pollutants can strip the hair of good nutrients and alter our hairs normal pH balance. Pollution targets the proteins we have in our hair and decreases the amount we hold. Hair proteins are responsible for hair growth, shine, strength and much more. Coloured and bleached hair can be more vulnerable to these damages as the cuticle (which is our barrier) is already affected. Protein treatments such as Olaplex and Oways Hmilk are a great way to rebuild the hair and add the proteins that have been lost. We all hear about protecting our skin from UV rays but what happens to our hair after prolonged exposure? The UV rays damage our hairs cuticle and creates brittle hair. Living in Many or near a beach I’m sure our surfers can relate to this issue. We often see discolouration or “sun bleached hair” which may look beautiful but to the touch may tell a different story. The hair can become thin, have breakage or split ends and become dull. This is when masks can come in handy for all the surfers or regular swimmers out there. A mask or leave in moisture can be applied to the hair before hitting the waves. This will protect the hair while also nurturing it. Whether you have never coloured your hair, dont put it under a lot of stress from hot styling tools or whether you are addicted to having your hair coloured and styled, its safe to say we can all benefit from a hair and scalp treatment to promote and maintain healthy hair.

Empowerment through rejuvenation & nourishment

We are almost 1/4 way through this year! It really has flown by. As we continue to grow and explore ourselves it is important to look around us and appreciate how far we have come. This month is all about our world and our women. We want to promote the feeling of empowerment by rejuvenating and nourishing your skin and hair. Women have come a long way in achieving equality and as we have evolved, we still battle in our day to day lives. Women have gained the right to education, ability to vote, equal pay and much more. We still fight to prove our worth and continue to strive for equal treatment of all women around the globe. At Bare Beauty House our team is made up of all different women from all different backgrounds from all walks of life. We strive to make every woman feel empowered and leave us feeling like a boss, in control of their own world.  We also aim to give Men the same feeling of empowerment that they deserve and make them feel comfortable in the pampering sessions they desire. For many women, hair is one of our most confronting elements. It is one of our most noticeable features that has a mind of its own. As a kinky, curly haired person, I never know what I will wake up with. Every day is a surprise. Hair is an expression in one of its greatest forms. We can curl, straighten, dye and shave it. I have used my own hair as a subject to my experimentation for years. From pink to red to white then finally the big shave. I shaved my head in March of last year and as it has grown back over the past 12 months I have gotten to understand myself on a deeper level. At first it was an effort to raise money for Leukemia patients and donate my own hair but my Dad with his own opinion helped me see another meaning. He viewed it as a feminist act rebelling against the norm of female hair. Doing the big shave took me 4 years to finally do, but I have grown more than I ever could without having done it. My experience is my story of finding myself and as Women I think it is so important that we all have our own journey, whatever that looks like. Underneath our hair lies the hidden world we don’t often see and when we do it can be confronting. There is a lot of stigma around dandruff and oily scalps. Often in High School we hide these and make jokes to mask our embarrassment and this continues into adult hood. I have a dry scalp and was uncomfortable at the visibility based on the belief people would think I was “dirty”. But our scalps go through a lot. They are attacked by sun rays, pollution,hair colour and an array of products.. This month we are introducing a new range of scalp treatments from our partner Oway. These will help dry, oily, itchy and irritated scalps . I have been using the dry scalp shampoo for a couple of weeks and have noticed the itchiness fading as well as having a smoother cleaner scalp whilst still being able to have colour applied on my scalp. This range from Oway will be your new best friend to treat and prevent many scalp conditions. No more hiding in the shadows of our hair. Time for empowerment. Last year our founder, Naomi, participated in a beach clean up. This was inspired by “Clean up Australia Day”. In Australia, especially Sydney, we love to get into our favourite cozzies and strut down to the beach. I grew up next to Bondi and one of my favourite memories was doing weekly surfing lessons with my primary school class. The crystal clear water breaking into elegant waves that slide across the sand. Beach towels of every colour marking their territory spread across the beach. The most beautiful part is watching the sun go down across the horizon. Bringing an inner peace we so deeply crave. It all seems perfect. But you feel something sway past your leg. In fear of it being a jellyfish you quickly swat it away but to your dismay it is a plastic bag from a strangers shopping trip. We have all (hopefully) watched David Attenborough as he explores the deep sea giving us beautiful images of magical creatures. We all have been made aware of the waste and stress that humans have put on this precious ecosystem. This month especially our salon promotes sustainable beauty standards to help inform our clients and other salons on how they can help as well As strong women we must have strong skin. We must be comfortable and confident in our skin if we plan on maintaining how far we have come. Through March we have introduced Omnilux red light therapy. Red Light Therapy is a treatment that produces results with none of the nasty side effects. It focuses on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and redness. Omnilux’s aim is to create healthier, younger-looking skin that feels rejuvenated and nourished. To Introduce this product into our salon we are offering an unlimited red light therapy package. This not only gives you more bang for your buck but will leave you in control of your skin and knowing that you have a strong network of women providing skincare solutions based on clean science technology that can help you control any breakout or skincare concern. Its time to stand strong together, promoting each others beauty, empowering each other to feel and be our best, whatever that looks like for you whilst we nourish our environment and become stronger together!

2022 Hair and beauty Trends

Sayonara 2021!!  Time to let go of those hibernation hoodies and get back into our groove. We experimented with the relieving thought that no one will see us but now all eyes will be on you. How will you enter this new year? Grown out highlighted hair & cracking, out grown nail polish? I think not! This year we will enter with our heads held high strutting down the street with bold hair, expressive nails and our skin glowing. Our lockdown years were all about reimagining ourselves at home with the limited supplies we could grasp onto. It included our bad DIY colours and cuts. We saw mullets reviving and a more modern female approach. Wolf cuts swarmed social media and paved the way for bolder more modernised cuts. As we experimented with our kitchen scissors a new way of expressionistic hair was created. Simplicity was no more. Texture, layers and free hand cutting will be all the rage as we explore ourselves and what is going to compliment us the most. Jaggered free style cutting made to flatter your face and designed just for you. This new style is not for the faint hearted and the trust in your stylist increases substantially as if Edward Scissorhands himself is standing behind you. Eek. This textured extravagance of shapes will be followed by the BBB. Big Bouncy Blowdries. Volumised hair perfectly bouncing as you make your perfectly delayed entrance. We also move forward into embracing the curly side of life. This year is all about becoming our most authentic self. There is no time for “safe” looks. Through 2021 we saw little pops of colour appear and in 2022 these will be taken to the next level. Bold, bright colours catching our eyes as we trudge to work. In the British Vogue January Magazine cover you can see Kristen McMenamy rocking her extravagant hair. Already we can see the redevelopment of Dip Dyes and horizontal stripes giving individuals that oomph they have so long desired for. On the beauty side of things we expect this colourful embrace to continue into the year. Bright fresh nails will flow through the year to pay tribute to our beautiful seasons. Early 2000’s inspired French tips have started making a come back but with a twist of colour. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is our bodies first line of defence. Due to living in Australia our skin requires different assistance than other countries. We are tinted by our glowing sun and engulfed in the salts from our beaches. It is time to perfect a skin care routine that will last you a life time. After vigorous tanning trying to catch up after lockdown, a good skin care routine will give your skin the nourishment it needs. This year we deserve to have fresh healthy skin full of life and radiating good energy. Hello Vitamin infusions and light therapy! All in all 2022 is all about you. Your hair, your skin and your ability to be you. At Bare Beauty House we strive to help you understand yourself on the outside so you feel your best on the inside.

Our continued commitment

At Bare Beauty House we strive to find the best and most innovative clean beauty treatments to bring out your inner glow and this year will be no different! As new trends arise such as bold bright colours, we will maintain our advocacy for green technology and minimised waste in beauty salons. Our partnership with Oway will continue and we look forward to using their biodynamic colours to help create your most authentic self. At Bare Beauty House we also use Synergie Skincare who’s main focus is clean science. They reformulate their products whenever a more sustainable and sophisticated approach is available.  A big reason why we love Synergie Skin is they not only help find your inner glow they do so while maintaining the glow of the world around us. Synergie Skin has the focus of clean pure Australian science delivered globally. Terri Vinson, founder and lead scientist, uses the 4 T’s when talking about our skin. Texture, Tone, Tightness and Topicals. These 4 are the main aspects of what we focus on when treating and protecting your skin. With this in mind, we are bringing in new treatments such as vitamin infusions and light therapy throughout the year.   For those of you who don’t know about Vitamin infusions, it is a mini facial in itself where we cleanse and exfoliate your skin and then using an ultra sonic micro therapy device paired with the vitamins that your skins craving, massage and infuse the vitamins into your skin. The sound therapy device helps push the ingredients deep into your skin allowing a deeper cleanse and vitamin infusion which results in longer lasting, visible results where you will leave the salon absolutely glowing! Light Therapy, as many of you probably know, has many benefits. One of which is stimulating cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, a substance that gives young skin its plump look. Collagen production helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage and stretch marks, and reduce redness. Our in salon light therapy treatments will use different coloured lights to target the varied skin concerns. The light therapy treatments have no downtime, so you can be back out in the sun with no concerns, as well as being able to have a light therapy treatment every 48 hours for maximum results! We also partner with ‘Sustainable Salons’ to provide an eco friendly approach to the removal of waste. Together we have kept 69kg of plastics out of landfill, 138kg of paper recycled and have recycled 100kg of metals. We also look at the more humanitarian side of life and have provided over 169,000 meals to those in need  and we actually couldn’t do that without you.  The meals are provided by donating the profit from the sales of recycled aluminium and paper used in your services! At Bare Beauty House we focus on informing clients and being a voice in the hair and beauty industry. Naomi Browner, our founder, is due to be a speaker at this years hair festival (covid pending) and will help educate our industry about the more sustainable approach to hair and beauty. This year we also have ‘Earth Day’ in April, ‘Clean up Australia’ in March and following that we have National Plant a Tree Day & Plastic free July. For every one of these events we will have different campaigns to help provide support and knowledge to our local community and industry. Using our clean products, partnering with the right waste removal services and being an advocate for positive change within our industry collectively helps us to become a sustainability leader within the industry and ultimately achieve our goal of continued commitment to the environment and surrounding community.
Natural hair products

Caring for your hair after birth

Caring for your hair after birth

This can seem like a daunting task with a new little person to take care of. As a Mum myself it was extremely important for me to feel put together by being able to blow dry my hair. It's always been my thing and the thought of not being able to do my hair made me quite anxious especially as I wasn't feeling or looking like myself.  Firstly don't worry, you will find you again, I promise! Secondly, we are women after all, we can do anything we put our mind too, right?! Back to my point, caring for your hair after birth. It's a whole new ballgame, you're either dealing with a new unwanted fringe, side burns or the ever so stylish mullet AKA mumllet. Whatever you are left with its not fun and its usually unruly and just downright annoying. Most new mums are not prepared for the amount of hair you loose after giving birth. This can start anywhere from a few days after birth to months after. My hair loss didn't happen until my Son was 11 months old so here I was laughing it up thinking Ha, it wont happen to me. Then BAM one day I'm washing my hair and felt the shedding of my beautiful pregnancy hair and then a week or so later the mumllet arrived. Hormones are the biggest reason for your pregnancy hair changes and postpartum hair loss. So after your baby arrives and your hormone levels drop, your hair makes up for lost time by falling out in much bigger clumps than it normally does. The total volume of your hair loss probably isn’t more than you would have lost over the last nine months, it just seems like it because it’s happening all at once. Most women will return to their usual hair growth cycle between 6 and 12 months after birth but the hair loss can go on for up to 12 months for some women. To help you care for your hair during this extra challenging time I recommend upping your antioxidant intake. This can help protect against postpartum hair loss by nourishing your scalp and hair follicles. Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E will help provide extra nourishment and Biotin and Zinc will help fortify your hair and help it grow. As a busy mum you may be thinking, this is in the too hard basket. But I have an easy solution for you. Get your extra antioxidant intake when you wash your hair! Oway are a biodynamic organic haircare range providing shampoo and conditioners that are rich in antioxidants. Specifically the Moisturising Bath and Mask which contains Vitamin C and the Rebuilding Hair Bath and Mask which contains trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, & copper. Both are perfect ranges to use postpartum depending on your specific haircare needs. You can even mix the two ranges up using the Bath of one and the Mask of the other. (the Bath is your shampoo and the mask is your conditioner) You can also work these antioxidants into your diet if you don't already and take vitamins to add an extra dose of nourishment. When you do eventually deal with the hair loss, the first step is to get a scalp treatment. Ensuring your scalp is healthy will let your hair grow through the scalp healthy, strong and as thick as possible for your normal hair thickness. If you have build up on your scalp it puts pressure on the growing follicle and the hair has to squeeze through to get out your scalp but when your scalp is free of build up the hair is able to grow through without strain! I would also recommend getting a trim to help the rest of your hair thicken up a little and make you feel like you have a bit more hair. Depending on what texture your hair is you may benefit from a smoothing treatment to help those fluffy short bits lay flat and allow you to control them a bit better while they grow out or possibly working them into your haircut might be a good option for you. For more personalised advice you can book a hair care consultation with one of our experienced stylist. We will run through your concerns and give you easy solutions to help set you on your path to your best hair yet! And remember Mama, be kind to yourself.

Does brushing your hair wet cause breakage?

Sure, brushing your hair after your shower may seem like a great idea, but changing your after-shower routine can actually benefit your hair! Brushing your hair while it’s wet can result in significant damage. This is because your hair is in it’s most fragile state when it’s wet. Brushing your hair when it is wet with a regular brush leads to flyaways which result in that “frizzy when I air dry” look. And that’s just the start. Over time, damage to the hair will happen, like split ends and eventually breakage. That will prevent even the best hair grower from achieving their desired length. If you still have tangles after washing it or even after a swim, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb on your wet hair. This will restore the order. Make sure the comb has smooth tooth ends and comb slowly to avoid any tearing or pulling. Comb from the ends towards the roots as combing from the roots to ends can cause damage too. The same brushing techniques also apply to dry hair, however, your dry hair is 80% stronger than your wet hair! There are some incredible benefits just by brushing your hair (dry) in general. The most noticeable would be natural shine. Our favourite benefit is that it stimulates your scalp which promotes hair growth. Woo-hoo! Brushing your dry hair also acts like a second shampoo by eliminating build up and dry skin on your scalp. In short, the truth behind the longest known hair contraversey is to always bush your hair when it is dry. We are able to avoid the most breakage while prepping the hair for a tangle-free wash and condition.

At home Coconut oil Hair treatment

The warm summer sun is on your skin and you’re wearing your biggest smile. The salt from the sea dries into your hair to remind you of all the day’s adventures. But now you are faced with dry, sun damaged hair. Now what? We are so excited to share with you our go-to natural hair treatment with the power oil itself, coconut oil! Nothing else screams “summer hair repair” than this fatty oil that’s made from raw or dried coconuts. Coconut oil is traditionally used as a food, or for cooking, but this naturally saturated fatty oil can also be used to aid in healthy hair! But before we go over the steps to correctly perform a coconut oil treatment, here are a few coco-nutty facts on why this summer smelling oil is so good for our hair. Because of its naturally fatty nature, coconut oil absorbs into hair strands better than mineral oils. This helps to prevent split ends and hair breakage all while preserving hair’s moisture. The high fat content in coconut oil, it is said to help calm most common scalp conditions like dandruff, dry/oily scalp and fight any fungal infections on the scalp. After all, healthy hair does start at the root. Prepare for your coconut oil treatment by placing a small amount of coconut oil in a glass bowl. Heat the coconut oil in the microwave, on the stovetop, or by setting the jar in hot water. Heat the oil enough to be soft, but not completely liquid. Apply the creamy oil to dry hair, starting at your mid-shaft and working the oil to your ends. Once your hair looks “wet” comb the oil through all of your hair to evenly distribute the product. Next, either braid, or bun your hair with the oil in your hair for at least 30 minutes. You can intensify the treatment by wrapping your hair in a towel or shower cap. After your 30 minutes is complete, shampoo and condition your hair like normal. Now you can smile even bigger than before knowing your hair is shiny, strong, and smooth! Happy Summer to you, Bare Beauty Babe! Xx A few things to consider: like other oils coconut oil can make your hair and skin feel greasy. Avoid using too much coconut oil, too often. When using coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment, it is essential to wash it out completely!

At home head massage

Im going to share my head massage tips with you and hopefully you can give your partner a relaxing experience at home. You will need your partner to be sitting lower than you are. I usually sit on the couch and have my partner sit on the floor, in between my legs with his head in my lap,  (save the cheeky thoughts for after the massage please )  You can also have your partner lay down on the bed with their head resting on a pillow in your lap, whichever you find most comfortable. Ensure the hair is wet for the massage otherwise you will pull the hair and it can be quite uncomfortable. Once you are both comfortable, start with your index and middle finger together, along the hairline so directly upwards from the nose start putting slight pressure. This will then turn into circular movements, doing a set of 3. Make you way down either side of the head, staying at the hairline with these circles. Each time you move your hands down do a set of 3 circles then move down. Repeat this until you get to the ears. Once you get to the ears, your pointer finger should slide down the face in front of the ear and your middle finger slides down behind the ear. Do this gently as its a very sensitive area for pressure. Next you will slide your fingers back up either side of the ears this time applying a medium pressure. Do this down and up movement 3 times. Once you have finished your third set, slide on hand underneath the base of the head near the back hairline (this is the nape) Use your other hand, mostly your thumb and forefinger to massage the neck. Use the side of your finger rather than the tips for this area. Again do 3 big circles. Then, make your way up the back of the head with your 3 circles using the tips of your thumbs. Once you get to the middle of the head you will find a strong bone that runs across the scalp, this is the occipital bone. push into the base of the occipital bone with the sides of your thumbs for a few seconds. You can now make your way back up to the forehead using your 3 circles. This sequence can be repeated 2-3 times if you like. Once you get used to the movements you can really start to get a good flow going. Remember slow and steady, don't rush the movements. Let yourself fall into a little trance as your massaging and it will feel better for both of you! Enjoy!

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