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Keratin treatment sydney

Best place to get a low tox keratin treatment in Sydney

As we see our clients making more informed and conscious decisions around what products they use on their hair, exactly what ingredients are in a Keratin Treatment is becoming a regular conversation in our salon. So we thought it's time we addressed the ins and outs of where is the;

Best place to get a low tox keratin treatment in Sydney

Keratin treatment sydney Well obviously we're going to say OUR salon but stay with me. Firstly what you need to know is that when it comes to hair colour and keratin treatments, whilst they have never been as low tox as they are now, it's actually impossible to have fully organic products that work. Instead the best we can do, like here at Bare Beauty, is offer a brand that is as "clean as it gets". What that means is we source products that are as low tox and as possible. Ensuring a checklist of ingredients are excluded such as parabens, sulfates, chemical based surfactants, and the big F, formaldehyde.

We use Bhave made in New Zealand and for more reasons than you would think.

New Zealand wool is soft and strong,
Much like a hug from an old friend on a windy hilltop. And it turns out New Zealand wool can be processed to hold and nourish our hair too. It's why Bhave products use the natural strength and binding power of bioactive keratin. Derived and extracted from pure New Zealand sheep's wool, bioactive keratin makes sure those mane-boosting proteins and amino acids are kept intact (unlike most hair care products - which use hydrolyzed keratin, an ingredient extracted from animal hooves and ears - yuck!) Bioactive keratin was originally developed by scientists to heal wounds and severe burns. This form of keratin technology is not only kinder to our sheep friends, it also mirrors the damage to your hair's internal structure then works to rebuild it from the inside out.
Bio-active keratin perfectly matches hair keratin,
They link together to lock the structure in place. This structure is essential for the protein to perform its role, keeping hair strong & flexible. Other keratin technologies break up the protein when extracted & damage the amino acids, losing the important zipper traction needed to bind for genuine hair repair. this keratin is NOT a functional keratin.
Pure New Zealand wool is a 100% natural material,
Farmed throughout the pristine countryside of New Zealand, the sheep grow a thick fleece of wool to protect themselves from New Zealand’s harsh winter. This wool is harvested during Spring so that the sheep do not have a full fleece during the long, hot summer. During Autumn the fleece grows back in readiness for the coming winter. The wool is harvested by shearing, using electric clippers in much the same way as getting a haircut. Following shearing, sheep return to the fields to continue grazing and raise their young. No animals are harmed at any stage of the wool harvesting process. Our product is tested on humans not animals ensuring they bring no harm to animals whatsoever. That's why we're the best place to get a low tox keratin treatment in Sydney; at Bare Beauty House. It's important for us to ensure yours (and our teams) safety and peace of mind with a low tox product that doesn't cause harm to animals. You can trust that we only use a curated list of products that've gone through a strict screening process. So if you're looking for a keratin treatment in Sydney come and get in touch with us here and we can ensure we will take care of your hair in the best way possible.

Why should you be treating pigmentation during winter?

As winter grows closer, it is important we look at the proper treatment and care for our skin and if we suffer from pigmentation, winter is the ideal time to treat it. How do you know if you have it or not?  Hyperpigmentation is darkening and discolouration of the skin. Red, brown, pink or even purple-looking spots, clusters or streaks on the surface of the skin are examples of hyperpigmentation. Acne, sun exposure, eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis can all cause hyperpigmentation. Why do we treat it in the winter? Winter is the best time for the skin recovery process. Our skin is usually less tanned and this is very important when starting de-pigmentation treatments as well as the skin being less susceptible to side effects such as burns & redness. During winter our skin has less moisture so it becomes much dryer. Dry skin leads to irritated skin and when the skin barrier is compromised, it lacks the ability to hold onto oil and water. The skin starts to become itchy, and that scratching leads to a rash. As the cycle persists, this leads to inflammation and hyperpigmentation. So treating the issue before it gets worse will ensure you can confidently flaunt your skin 365 days a year. We also tend to spend more time indoors in the winter as well as there being shorter days so less sun exposure happens naturally, and this helps speed up recovery. Treating pigmentation can be done in a number of ways and will depend on the severity of the condition, your skin type and your budget. For non-invasive in-salon treatments, we recommend a combination of AHA/BHA layered peels, RED light therapy and vitamin infusions. AHA/BHA layered peels, combine the benefits of lactic and salicylic acid at specific dosage. A bespoke combination of both acids can be tailored to achieve desired results. Red light is a narrow, isolated form of natural light to give the appropriate intensity and wavelength for light therapy. The intensity of red light used in therapy is much higher than you would naturally get from sunlight and, it’s not damaging like sunlight can be! Red light acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which is part of what causes hyperpigmentation. In addition, red light has a long enough wavelength to penetrate the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) and reach the dermis (the middle layer of the skin). This enables it to reach fibroblasts, special types of cells that sit beneath the skin and manufacture collagen – a protein that helps tighten and firm the skin and heal wounds. Infusing vitamins into the dermis of your skin will help keep your skin nourished, hydrated and maintain its ability to repair itself. Vitamin C has been known to help decrease hyperpigmentation. Because vitamin C is a powerful nutrient, it also aids in the production of collagen which is essential to maintain hydration and strength of the skin. At home maintenance comes in many different bottles, speak to your therapist about the best options for you. To play favourites, here's our top picks to reduce pigmentation at home. Enlighten, by Synergie Skin, is a topical treatment for pigmentation and sun damage. It contains tyrosinase inhibitors to reduce the activity of melanin producing cells limiting our hyperpigmentation struggles. Enlighten does this while also using the most natural products such as Liquorice extract. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects our cells from UV damage while also being a vital part in the production of collagen creating firmer fresh skin. It includes a tyrosinase inhibitor that creates brighter skin and reduces hyperpigmentation. This product can assist with the transition of seasons as it helps the production of collagen and hydration. As we know in summer we are basking up all the warmth we can, trying to get our tan on. SPF protection is a must during summer to protect us but what about winter? We don’t usually hear about SPF protection through winter as the cold blocks out our inbuilt need for sunscreen, it almost feels like there are no UV rays that can affect us but this is not true. Sun protection is just as important in winter as it is in summer. At Bare Beauty House we stock Synergie Skin and one of their most popular products is Uberzinc. Uberzinc is a daily moisturiser that contains 21% of Mineral Zinc Oxide. Uberzinc has a perfect blend of ingredients including zinc, green tea and lycopene all which create a moisturiser focusing on keeping our skin stable and safe from UV rays. Uberzinc is a great choice as a daily SPF moisturiser to wear throughout the year. There are a variety of in salon treatments and at home maintenance products to be used, but for the best results we recommend a combination of both. Your therapist will be able to prescribe what's going to work best for you. Remember no two skins are alike so dont think following the same routine as your friend who had amazing results will work the same way for you. Get personalized advice! This will save you time, get you the results you want quicker and ultimately save you money! Book in for a complimentary skincare consultation with us today to see

5 tips on creating a greener easter experience

Easter has many different meanings and ways of celebrating across the ages and the globe. Some view it as a time to splurge and eat chocolate and others celebrate it for religious purposes as the resurrection of Christ. No matter why or how you celebrate it, there are always ways to make it a greener Easter! Instead of gifting objects for Easter such as toys, spend the money on an experience your family or friends would like. Gifting an experience helps limit the waste produced in wrapping paper, chocolate wrappers and much more. Experiences can be for any group of people. Friends, family, partners, employees and no matter what, you will be able to treasure the memories forever. When creating those stunning Easter baskets for your kiddies to plow through, use recycled shredded paper or dry leaves. Using newspapers can create an edgy look and using leaves can create a more interactive hands on experience. The same thing goes if you decide to get gifts! Use recycled wrapping paper to try and limit the footprint of waste we leave during this holiday. Dyed eggs are a beautiful Easter tradition full of colour and celebration. The dyes we use can pollute and poison the earth. To create a greener Easter, make your own dyes from organic products, this also makes sure that you can eat the eggs after! Using bright berries or veggies is a fun experiment at creating your own dyes. The link below has a method for creating stunning dyes and patterns. Something we love to celebrate over Easter is chocolate! This delicious bean has been transformed in so many different ways and combined with infinite flavors. Chocolate is often covered in foil or plastic in most mass production brands. Going to local businesses gives you the best quality chocolate while also supporting local businesses in your area. I've found when I have gone to my local chocolate shop they use paper bags to hand over the goods. Keeping my tummy and the earth happy! However you celebrate and however you decide to be a little greener this easter we wish you a very happy Easter holiday, filled with loads of “remember when”. The Team at Bare Beauty House

International Womens Day

The theme for International Women’s day 2022 is Changing climates, equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. These two ideas are very close to home at Bare Beauty House. As a strong group of women we all come from different paths of life, battling different biases and inequalities. As a sustainable salon we are one of the few emerging hair and beauty salons that’s main focus is exploring one's beauty in the most sustainable way. When talking about a sustainable salon we are not only talking about maintaining our planet's health but also a future for women that can be sustained. This means providing eco-friendly services that allow our environment to flourish and our biodiversity to rebuild, whilst giving women results driven treatments that are toxic free and free from harsh chemicals that can ultimately lead to disease and shorter life spans. Throughout the years women have faced many battles in achieving equality. Our right to education came late as our family roles were keeping the homes clean and serving dinner for the family. One of our senior hairdresser's Rebecca grew up in South Korea. When talking about what it was like to grow up there she describes it as a very male dominated country and it wasn’t until she was at school that feminists became more vocal. She speaks about the men in the family being able to eat before the females and at a seperate table. When asked about her school life Rebecca says it was at the turning point of equality towards education. Her mother when she was a child had a much different experience. Her mum was not granted educational rights and instead looked after the family home and her brothers. “What do you believe being female and feminism is?” “Feminism is a super power women have. We are dedicated, empathetic, meticulous, always a few steps ahead and great at multitasking. As the world grows we need to be more vocal to find balance between men and women otherwise things will stop changing for the better. The foundation of the world was built for and by men and we need to change this so we must keep pushing and continue to speak up” Rebecca   -   senior hair stylist Because of our delayed start to knowledge we now strive and push harder trying to prove that we are equally as capable as men. We were deemed as unsuitable for powerful roles, and, unsuitable to choose who made our choices for us. Parliament has been held by men for decades and slowly we have seen more women speak up. In 2021 we saw some key progressions towards equality. But we have also seen some stunts. During the dreaded Covid outbreak ‘Leah Rodriguez’ states that the global crisis has added another 36 years to the amount of time it will take to close the gender gap. This means it will now take around 13.5 years for women and men to reach impartiality. On the brighter side of things the Tokyo Olympics became the most gender equal Olympic Games. Tokyo insisted that the teams had an equal ratio of women to men. However women were still given less pay and had less news coverage. When you think of the hair and beauty industry, it does dominate as a more female centralised career path. However there are still issues within equality and the opportunities that come with the industry. Naomi, Bare Beauty House’s founder, finds that the industry is “dominated by male artistic directors and product companies. Men have been lifted up more through the industry which is disappointing as it is a more female dominated area”. Think Paul Mitchel, Kevin Murphy, & Tony & Guy, just to name the top three that come to mind. This imbalance is seen across all industries especially when it comes to powerful roles. Last year we saw some positive changes towards females and parliamentary roles. Samoa and Estonia have elected their first female prime minister. Confronting the out of date belief that women are not suitable for power. In the past couple of years feminists and activists have made stands to fight for equal rights for women and those who also face bias. Creating and editing legislation and bills assists certain communities and people of the world from future bias and mistreatment. It is creating a permanent, sustainable and maintainable tomorrow. This year we look too celebrating the struggle of feminists fighting for environmental justice around the globe. An example are women farmers in India who are trying to secure land to create lives that are empowered, self-resilient, sustainable and to create change. Last year in India the government decided to raise the legal age of marriage from 18-21 in the belief that the legislation will bring parity in the age of marriage between men and women. This decision led to a amendment of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, which was introduced into parliament. At our salon we open our doors to all kinds of people. We make sure that every client is treated with the same respect and experience no matter their race, religion, age, gender or sexual preference. Our team of fewer than 10 are all at different stages in life. A few have teenagers, toddlers or a baby on the way. Two of us are training to either advance our skills or are just starting out. Due to us all being different ages and ethnicities we must learn to understand and support the wide range of events each of us go through. Although we are all different we have all had some of the same experiences growing up and how we are treated day to day. To keep us and our clients feeling safe the salon has an anti discrimination policy and Our founder, Naomi, ensures all staff are not only aware of this but adhere to it by the strictest standard. This isn't hard as we all have shared values and a certain level of respect for one another , but its nice to know there is a baseline expectation for everyone who comes into the salon. Naomi also makes sure we support other Female entrepreneurs and business owners to help build a community of successful women in the area. We strive for female success in all aspects of life, whatever that looks like for each individual person. Naomi had her share of struggles and she found difficulty in finding other like minded business women. Since relocating her salon from Rose Bay to Manly, Naomi feels as though she has found her tribe who are on the same journey with her business wise and sustainability wise. We must continue to fight for equality, biodiversity and ultimately a sustainable world for everyone and everything to thrive in!

A preventative approach to beauty

Bare Beauty House strongly promotes a proactive and preventative approach to beauty. This is done by encouraging and educating our community on the benefits of acting before a concern arrises. For example, having regular facials will proactively nourish your skin, we can protect and refresh your skin every 4-6 weeks to avoid you having break outs, flare ups, or dry cracked skin. From there you maintain the health of your skin at home, using your holistic skin care routine. This includes factors such as ensuring you have a healthy diet and are drinking enough water. Ensuring you are keeping active each day and spending time in nature. On top of that you will nourish your skin with essential oils and vitamins and help them penetrate into the dermis of the skin using holistic tools such as Jade rollers and Gua Sha. A lot more people are consistent with this concept when it comes to their hair care. For example most people will do a hair mask or nourish their hair with oils on a consistent basis to prevent split ends and dry hair. Most people will get a haircut consistently to ensure they can maintain the health of their hair. This forward thinking should be adapted to not only your skincare but to a complete lifestyle approach, helping you flourish ensuring all aspects of your life are positive. Spending more time in nature and moving our bodies will proactively reduce mental health issues caused by anxiety and depression. Not only will we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves - nature. We will also release endorphins to promote happiness and feel and look healthier, which again will promote happiness, overall lifestyle satisfaction and help your natural beauty shine from the inside out. At Bare Beauty House we promote you to take control once and for all, and believe that wellness isn’t just a treat, but it is something that lies within all of us and is essential for us to thrive. We believe in the power of simplification. You don’t need a 10 step beauty routine, you don’t need the fanciest blow dryer. You need simplicity and a sustainable beauty routine that you can be consistent with. We believe in creating a hair and beauty routine that is sustainable, not just for the environment but for your daily routine and for your finances. To us, this means providing exceptional customer service that addresses your specific skin care or hair care concerns using the minimal amount of products. This not only reduces wastage but will also help save you money in the long run, giving you the power to shield your skin and hair from daily pollutions and take back the control to enable you to focus on the pleasures of life. If you want to find out more, book a complimentary consultation with us to discover the first steps on your new beauty journey.

Maintain your mental health in lockdown

The simple pleasure of sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in are a no no at the moment and I don’t know about you but my mental health craves being near the ocean. Whilst I am making do with long walks and runs along the coast, it doesn’t compare to the clarity I can get from sitting and staring at our beautiful ocean. With this in mind I have created 2 simple tips to maintain our mental health and there’s a wealth of added benefits that comer along with them.
  1. Swap your commuting time for mental health time
We all have a few more hours available to us, as we are not commuting to and from work. Use that time to actively work on your mental health. Don’t just wake up and get stuck into work. You didn’t prior to lockdown so why would you do that now. Use your time efficiently and take a walk with your family or a friend, Meditate, or schedule in a online exercise class for the morning. Take turns with your partner for who can look after the kids while the other one gets some headspace and can return with a clear mind ready to tackle whatever the day or the kids throw at you. In the evening why not use your commuting time to pamper yourself. Take a bath, do an at home facial, manicure or body scrub. If we look good we feel good, so making sure you are scheduling time in for exercise and personal maintenance is a must not a treat. Most of you won’t be able to do this daily but even ensuring you work into your schedule some time once or twice a week will make all the difference in the world. Remember you can’t fill from an empty cup so fill yourself up and then you can be the best version of yourself for your family and colleagues. 2. Set yourself goals  I find setting myself goals, especially now, keeps my mind focused and drives me forward. Your goals can be as simple as coming out of lockdown with healthier hair. You can do this by making time for a hair treatment once a week and not blowdrying your hair during lockdown. Limiting hot styling and adding nourishment to your hair will guarantee your hair will be healthier and happier whenever it is this lockdown ends. Another goal could be running 5km without stopping. Scheduling time in to run each day or even every second day will be enough to get you there in a few weeks. Put those head phones in and get running, and don’t beat yourself up if you cant run too far. At the moment I am run/walking every second day. I warm up with a brisk 2 min walk, then I run for as long as I can and then walk again until I catch my breath and just repeat this for the time I have set aside. Each time I can run a little longer and feel more fit as each week passes. Try it, what do you have to loose. How about setting a goal to look younger coming out of lockdown, Yes Please! You can achieve this by creating and/or sticking to a daily skin care routine. Now they don’t have to be elaborate and all encompassing. Consistency is key. Make sure you are using a cleanser every morning and night followed by your vitamins (this could be your A and B at night and your C in the morning, or maybe you have one super serum you like to use both morning and night) whatever serums you have just make sure you use them consistently. Using serums packed with vitamins will help feed your mitochondria. Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell. They are organelles that act like a digestive system which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy rich molecules for the cell. Energising and nourishing your skin cells are vital for a youthful, glowing appearance. Vitamin rich serums will also help normalise any imbalances in your skin, like oiliness, dryness, pigmentation and acne. Then you want to finish your routine with a moisturiser. This will vary depending on what your skin concerns are. During the day ensure to wear an SPF. I know we are stuck at home but the glass typically used in homes and offices does not block the long-wavelength UVA light, even though it filters out uvb. The UVA can cause early signs of skin aging, wrinkles and can increase the risk of skin cancer. At night you will want to use something to nourish and repair your skin while you sleep. You can also add in an exfoliant after cleansing each day if you like and use a Gua Sha and roller to help a number of things including to promote blood circulation, improve fine lines and wrinkles, promotes lymphatic drainage and relieve tension from muscles . I wanted to keep things really simple for you. Your routine can be as big or little as you like but sticking to the essentials of, Cleanse, Vitamins and Nourishment for your particular skin concerns will make the world of difference. And after just 28 days I guarantee you will see a difference in your skin. These 2 simple tips can have such a positive impact on your overall wellbeing and mental health. You will be in a routine, focussed, working towards a happier, healthier and even younger version of yourself. So go on utilise the extra time in your days properly and lets make some positive changes come from all the disruption to our days.

Why Is Facial Massage A Necessity, Not A Luxury?

There are over 40 muscles in our face that are continuously at work, when we laugh, frown, squint, talk or express our emotions in any other way. They are often the first ones to store stress and tension along with old emotions and past memories. That’s why we can tell someone’s character just by looking at the lines on their face. Facial muscles support an amazing function that allows us to express our unique selves!⁣ Continuous daily use of facial muscles means that over time they shorten and harden, they’re no longer able to return to their original length and form. Shortened muscles pull soft tissue and skin on the surface and as a result we start to get deeper and deeper expression lines; some of us start to clench or grind; others develop headaches or twitches. In addition to this, facial muscles fight gravity every second of the day or at least they are supposed to fight it when in their healthy tone.⁣ ⁣Regular facial massage is not only an aesthetic, but a therapeutic treatment vital for maintaining health and tone of facial muscles. Sculptural facial massage brings these muscles back to their original shape and length, softens lines, melts away tension, releases past emotions and simply soothes your Soul! During the treatment clients feel deeply relaxed and often fall in and out of sleep. After the treatment they have that well-rested relaxed post-holiday look and report feeling completely different only wishing they’d found out about it much earlier. ⁣Of course emotions and stresses will start to build up again over time as such is our nature, so it’s important to have treatments on a monthly basis. Regular facial massages started at a young age prolong relaxed youthful look on the face for many years ahead and are certainly a long-term investment. ⁣

Beauty ingredients to avoid and why

It can be so confusing to know what to avoid and even more confusing to figure out why you should avoid them. In general, it is best to avoid any ingredient, natural or synthetic, which can poison the environment or cause harm to human health. The below ingredients have been proven toxic and mutagenic and should be avoided as much as possible. We have made some suggestions on alternative ingredients to look for but in some cases you can just leave this ingredient out altogether. Your needs will vary depending on your skin care needs, so ask your local green beauty therapist for their advice.
  1. SLES or Sodium Laureth Sulfate and other sulfate based detergents
These are used in 90% of personal care products that foam. Eye damage, depression, laboured breathing, diarrhoea and skin and eye irritation have been linked to their use. Not only are they harmful, but they are also extremely drying to the hair and skin. They have been shown to change the structure of skin protein making it susceptible to sun damage and accelerated ageing. No thank you! You can really just do without this ingredient and dont need anything else to supplement it, its not essential for your products to work effectively. 2. Anything formulated with PEGs and PGs PEGs have been found in everything from personal care products, baby care and sunscreens. They act as binders and plasticise ingredients and are designed to enhance the penetration of other ingredients into the skin. This is often a double whammy when you consider that there are often many ingredients in these products that you do not want to be penetrating deeply through the skin barrier.  Dioxin is a by-product of the process used to create propylene glycol. Dioxin has been linked to cancer, reduced immunity, nervous system disorders, miscarriage and birth deformity. If you see a PEG on your beauty product ingredient list this is definitely a product you do not want to be absorbed into your skin. A solution to this is finding a brand like Eve Taylor which are made using only natural ingredients. To help the products penetrate your skin we use sound waves through our Ultrasonic Micro therapy device. This is a handheld tool that by using sounds waves helps the products delve deeper into your skin allowing for accelerated results and glowing skin in half the time, no nasties required! 3. Parabens Parabens are preservatives and allow skincare products to survive for months or even years in your medicine cabinet. They are used in deodorants and other skincare products and have been found in breast cancer tumours. Parabens are known endocrine disruptors that have been linked to cancer and hormonal imbalances. There are plant-based and plant-derived preservatives on the market which make it unnecessary to use products containing parabens. Natural Beauty products are persevered using Sodium Anisate and Sodium Levulinate derived from Aniseed and starch. 4. Phthalates Phthalates are most often used to create fragrances in cosmetic products. They are known endocrine and fertility disruptors. The scary reality which exists around phthalates is that we are exposed to them in so many areas of our life. The storage of these toxins in fat cells and their bio-accumulation over time makes a strong case for avoiding exposure to synthetic fragrances. With so many natural essential oils and extracts on the market, there is no need to reach for synthetic fragrances. Eve Taylors products are formulated with pure essential oils so there is no need for Phthalates as the essential oils have enough fragrance. 5. Synthetic dyes and colourants Synthetic colours from coal tar contain heavy metal salts that deposit toxins in the skin, causing skin sensitivity/irritation. Absorption can cause depletion of oxygen. Look for makeup which uses natural iron oxide to create pigments. You will be surprised at the colour assortments that can be created by natural pigments. 6. Benzyl peroxide This is predominantly used in acne products and may act as a mutagen, producing DNA damage. Natural anti-microbial extracts, Kakadu Plum, Aloe Vera and Salicylic Acid are alternatives to harsh acne treatments and solve acne problems as quickly and effectively as their chemical counterparts. 7. DEA, MEA & TEA This foam booster is a skin irritant and causes contact dermatitis. It is easily absorbed through the skin to accumulate in the body’s organs and the brain. The more you can get used to milk and oil-based cleansers, the happier your skin will be. Not only do oil-based cleansers prevent your skin being stripped of its natural oils, but they also enable the skin to balance oil production by providing it exactly what it needs so that it does not overcompensate by overproducing oil. 8. Formaldehyde Has many uses but is most often used in cosmetics as a disinfectant and preservative. Be cautious of products containing 1,4-dioxane, as this can also release formaldehyde in certain chemical processes. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen, skin, eye and lung irritant. This ingredient can either be completely left out or can be substituted for peppermint, which is a natural disinfectant. Find pure alternatives and embrace toxic free beauty for the healthiest you yet! Awareness of ingredients to avoid is the first step to creating a toxic-free lifestyle and being equally aware of suitable alternatives is empowering. This new knowledge provides you with options to equip you with everything you need to practice a pure and highly effective beauty routine.

Couples pressure point hand massage

Pressure points are thought to be powerfully sensitive parts of the body. Some people believe that by applying pressure to our body’s pressure points, it can help relieve pain, establish balance, and improve health throughout the body. According to those who practice reflexology, applying the appropriate touch to the hands can energise and restore health to other body parts, including internal organs if you’re feeling tired or have a disease. With restrictions having tightened up again along the Northern Beaches, many of us are having a much smaller Christmas celebration than expected. While your at home spending some quality time with your partner why not try giving each other a hand massage using these pressure points. By the end of the duo massage you should both feel relaxed, reduced anxiety and depression and possibly even sleep a little better than night. The heart 7 pressure point can be found in the crease of your right wrist. It lies in line with the space between your ring and pinkie finger. There’s a bone directly in line next to this pressure point. Reflexologists claim that applying gentle pressure to this spot may protect against anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, and depression. The small intestine 3 pressure point is located at the outside part of your hand, right on the edge. The point lies in the depression of your hand just below your pinkie finger. Putting firm pressure on this point is thought to relieve neck pain, earaches, and headaches that occur at the back of your head. You can find your lung meridian pressure point by looking at the edge of your hand. It runs from the tip of your thumb down along the side of your hand, ending just beneath the crease of your wrist. Run your finger along this line. If you find a sore spot along this line, reflexologists say you should gently massage it until it feels better. This may help relieve any cold symptoms, such as chills, sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat. The inner gate point can be found in a special spot on the crease of your wrist. Hold out your hands as if you’re receiving a gift, with your wrists together. Take one hand and feel about 3 centimeters out from where your wrists were touching in the middle. Reflexologists recommend you massage this point firmly with your thumb. This is believed to improve your digestion and relieve any nausea or stomach pain The outer gate point can be found between two tendons on the backside of the arm. Place three fingers from your other hand above your wrist. Use those fingers to apply firm pressure to this part of your hand to give your immune system a quick boost. Reflexologists also believe applying pressure to this part of the hand could give you a rush of energy. You can find your wrist point 1 on your left  wrist. Run a finger down your pinkie to your wrist crease, keeping it in line with your finger. Now you’ve found the point. Reflexologists claim that firmly pressing on your wrist point 1 regularly may help promote happiness by regulating your emotions We all need some extra love and attention these days. We hope that these pressure point massages can help aid that and occupy you whilst at home. We will be ready to pamper you on your return!

At home head massage

Im going to share my head massage tips with you and hopefully you can give your partner a relaxing experience at home. You will need your partner to be sitting lower than you are. I usually sit on the couch and have my partner sit on the floor, in between my legs with his head in my lap,  (save the cheeky thoughts for after the massage please )  You can also have your partner lay down on the bed with their head resting on a pillow in your lap, whichever you find most comfortable. Ensure the hair is wet for the massage otherwise you will pull the hair and it can be quite uncomfortable. Once you are both comfortable, start with your index and middle finger together, along the hairline so directly upwards from the nose start putting slight pressure. This will then turn into circular movements, doing a set of 3. Make you way down either side of the head, staying at the hairline with these circles. Each time you move your hands down do a set of 3 circles then move down. Repeat this until you get to the ears. Once you get to the ears, your pointer finger should slide down the face in front of the ear and your middle finger slides down behind the ear. Do this gently as its a very sensitive area for pressure. Next you will slide your fingers back up either side of the ears this time applying a medium pressure. Do this down and up movement 3 times. Once you have finished your third set, slide on hand underneath the base of the head near the back hairline (this is the nape) Use your other hand, mostly your thumb and forefinger to massage the neck. Use the side of your finger rather than the tips for this area. Again do 3 big circles. Then, make your way up the back of the head with your 3 circles using the tips of your thumbs. Once you get to the middle of the head you will find a strong bone that runs across the scalp, this is the occipital bone. push into the base of the occipital bone with the sides of your thumbs for a few seconds. You can now make your way back up to the forehead using your 3 circles. This sequence can be repeated 2-3 times if you like. Once you get used to the movements you can really start to get a good flow going. Remember slow and steady, don't rush the movements. Let yourself fall into a little trance as your massaging and it will feel better for both of you! Enjoy!
Sustainable Christmas ideas

How to have a more sustainable Christmas

Christmas is such a fun time of year, surrounded by friends and family. Gifting items to each person and hoping to see their face light up with delight. Filling our bellies with far too much food and wine for one meal, but hey balance right. We didn’t skip breakfast for nothing! BUT, It can also be an extremely wasteful time of year which kinda takes the fun out of it when you see how much wrapping paper, excess plastic packaging, glitter, un-used gifts and a whole lot of leftovers we end up with. There is hope, we have put together a handful of tips on

How to have a more sustainable Christmas

Now thats the gift that keeps on giving! To help you avoid the waste this Christmas I’ve put together some fun and fresh ideas that will reduce the waste. Give up generic wrapping paper Most wrapping paper is not recycled (and much of it can’t be), so it ends up in landfills. A lot of the paper you might think is recyclable is actually lined with plastic, according to Going Zero Waste’s Kathryn Kellogg. If you like decorations and artistic flourishes on your presents, be selective. “If it has glitter or tape, it’s not recyclable,” Celia Ristow of Litterless told HuffPost. Glitter-encrusted paper is especially terrible for a couple of reasons. It can’t be recycled, for one. What’s more, glitter is made from teensy pieces of plastic that not only appear in your hair weeks later but also pollute the oceans, according to National Geographic. Marine animals often ingest these little specks, and over time, collect them in their stomachs, which can be fatal. Instead use plain old brown paper which can be made into a beautiful wrapping option, especially when spruced up with a sprig of evergreen, a dehydrated orange slice of a stick of cinnamon (and then you have the added bonus of scented gift wrap). With this option you still get the feeling of getting to rip through paper, with the ability to recycle when you’re done. Gift an experience I always think giving someone an experience is so thoughtful and so much more fun. Its also something that they will for sure remember and it generally comes with little to no excess packaging. Think about your loved ones interests and hobbies. Maybe they need a little pampering but won’t spoil themselves. Or possibly they would just love to have a special day out with you or the whole family. The possibilities really are endless. If you need some inspiration for a pamper day we have a bunch of pre packaged pamper packages to choose from, or you can make your own day. Maybe your Mum would love a girls day out with you and your sister, we can take care of that, and your Brother and Dad can take the day to play some golf or hit the surf. Everybody wins! Use natural decorations Natural foliage, such as branches, leaves, pinecones and berries are timeless and can be re-used year after year. Dried citrus slices make beautiful ornaments and they will leave your house smelling gorgeous. Cook mindfully Christmas has always been a time for feasting, but we can all definitely be a little more mindful about what we decide to feast on. Try source locally grown and organic produce. Not only will your meal be even more delicious but you can rest easy knowing you have contributed to local business and reduced your carbon footprint. Don't forget to use reusable containers and food coverings for your leftovers!

Top 3 tips to get you ready for summer

As the weather warms up again, our bodies tend to dry out. Our skin becomes flaky and stiff and our hair seems to just not co-operate even on a good hair day. With this in mind, I have put together my top 3 tips to spring into summer weather feeling fresh & hydrated. Tip 1: Exfoliation A good exfoliation at this time of year is the best thing you can do for your skin. As the seasons change so does our skin. It seems that before we get that natural summer glow we have to go through a dry period as the skin readjusts to warmer weather and salty air. Doing a good skin exfoliation will help you shed your winter skin and allow that new layer to shine through. Don't forget to nourish your skin with a body butter after the exfoliation, this will add to that silky skin feeling and help the new skin cells stay hydrated. Tip 2: Use a hair mask as your conditioner This is a great tip for whenever your hair is feeling extra dry, particularly when seasons change. When you swap your conditioner for a mask it gives it an extra dose of nourishment that won’t take up any more of your precious time. I urge you to towel dry your hair before you put the mask on or at the very least wring as much water out of your hair as possible. This will ensure the product doesn’t get watered down. To get the best results, wash your hair and apply your mask before you wash your body, exfoliate, shave, rehearse your favourite song, whatever you do in the shower make sure you wash and treat your hair first. This will allow at least a few minutes for the mask to penetrate the hair (please clip your hair up or put it in a shower cap, if it gets wet while your doing other things you won’t get optimum results) Tip 3: Get a Hydra - facial A Hydra-facial uses the latest technology in microdermabrasion treatments. The treatment uses water and crystals to exfoliate and remove stagnant dead skin cells. This leaves the skin open to receiving targeted serums that can brighten, sooth and hydrate your skin. You will notice an instant glow and more youthful appearance. Your skin will feel instantly soft & hydrated and there is no down time. With our skin being exposed to a lot more sun and environmental pollution during summer its vital to combat the negative side effects with a treatment that can draw out those toxins and nourish your skin in one easy and pampering treatment. Plus its the perfect pre party glow treatment that will have the benefits lasting up to a week, with extended results like diminished fine lines and an even skin tone the more often you have a treatment. A bonus tip is to take a look at the products you are currently using and make sure they don't have any toxic chemicals in them. As your skin is highly exposed in the Summer time, its the perfect time to update your skincare routine with toxic free solutions to ensure you are giving your body only the best ingredients. Don't forget your skin is your largest organ so whatever you put on it, your body absorbs and has to process, using results driven and toxic free skincare is going to help your body remain at its healthiest as its not fighting any harsh ingredients on a daily basis and can work hard at keeping you safe from bugs, and producing the healthiest cells with the aid of the right vitamins and safe ingredients. If your not sure where to start please book a free consultation with one of our specialists today!  

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