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At home head massage

Im going to share my head massage tips with you and hopefully you can give your partner a relaxing experience at home. You will need your partner to be sitting lower than you are. I usually sit on the couch and have my partner sit on the floor, in between my legs with his head in my lap,  (save the cheeky thoughts for after the massage please )  You can also have your partner lay down on the bed with their head resting on a pillow in your lap, whichever you find most comfortable. Ensure the hair is wet for the massage otherwise you will pull the hair and it can be quite uncomfortable.

Once you are both comfortable, start with your index and middle finger together, along the hairline so directly upwards from the nose start putting slight pressure. This will then turn into circular movements, doing a set of 3. Make you way down either side of the head, staying at the hairline with these circles. Each time you move your hands down do a set of 3 circles then move down. Repeat this until you get to the ears.

Once you get to the ears, your pointer finger should slide down the face in front of the ear and your middle finger slides down behind the ear. Do this gently as its a very sensitive area for pressure. Next you will slide your fingers back up either side of the ears this time applying a medium pressure. Do this down and up movement 3 times.

Once you have finished your third set, slide on hand underneath the base of the head near the back hairline (this is the nape) Use your other hand, mostly your thumb and forefinger to massage the neck. Use the side of your finger rather than the tips for this area. Again do 3 big circles.

Then, make your way up the back of the head with your 3 circles using the tips of your thumbs. Once you get to the middle of the head you will find a strong bone that runs across the scalp, this is the occipital bone. push into the base of the occipital bone with the sides of your thumbs for a few seconds. You can now make your way back up to the forehead using your 3 circles.

This sequence can be repeated 2-3 times if you like. Once you get used to the movements you can really start to get a good flow going. Remember slow and steady, don’t rush the movements. Let yourself fall into a little trance as your massaging and it will feel better for both of you!


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