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Hair Myths.. Busted

MYTH 1: Stress causes grey hair.

TRUTH: Your mom is likely to blame for this common misconception, if only we had a dime for every time she told us we are turning her grey… Greying is determined mostly by genetics and ageing. As you age, you naturally produce less melanin (the molecules responsible for your hair’s colour), which causes new hair to come in grey. While there is currently little scientific evidence that stress causes your hair to actually turn grey, it can speed up the ageing and fallout process, which would cause you to experience more incoming grey hairs if your body is already producing less melanin. In other words, stress over time may hasten the greying process, but there is no strong scientific evidence demonstrating a cause-and-effect relationship.

MYTH 2: Frequent shampooing damages your hair.

TRUTH: You have probably heard that frequent shampooing can cause damage to your hair… Yeah, not true! How often you cleanse your hair is dependent upon your hair type, hairstyle, and lifestyle. If your hair is oily wash it. If not your good to go until you feel like your hair needs a freshen up. Either way, you want to make sure you’re washing your hair with a shampoo that’s formulated for your hair type, at least every couple of days as infrequent washing can lead to a buildup of dead cells, product residue, oil, and bacteria—all of which can cause inflammation.. Now that’s the serious damage to avoid!

MYTH 3: It’s better to air dry your hair than to blow dry it.

TRUTH: Believe it or not, this one is actually both true and false. While it’s recommended that you spare your strands from a daily blast of hot air, it’s also not a great idea to air dry your hair every day either. According to a recent study, blow drying causes more damage to the hair’s surface, but air drying actually causes more damage within the strands themselves, which may actually be worse.. Who would have thought…

When your hair is exposed to water for extended periods of time, it swells up and puts pressure on the proteins that keep your hair intact, potentially causing more damage than hot styling. We suggest to use the lowest heat setting on your dryer (or hold it at least six inches away from your hair), making sure to move the dryer continuously, so you don’t concentrate heat on any one spot for too long, and only blow dry your hair after you have washed it to avoid hot styling your hair every day! You can mix up your routine of air drying and blow drying to keep things balanced too!

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