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Did you know 1 hydrafacials is performed every 60 second? Its no wonder this treatment is sought after with its many benefits including Hydrafacials provide a simple and effective form of exfoliation using a diamond tip to remove the outer layer of dead or damaged skin cells revealing the more youthful skin below!

It is a non-invasive treatment designed to improve the overall texture, tone and clarity of the skin while restoring the skin’s elasticity

Who is Hydradermabrasion for?

1. Agingskin to Reduce the appearance of superficial fine lines Congested/ blemished skin, Flaky/ dry skin, Devitalized & thickened skin, Sun damage, age/sun spots- helps to lift & shed damaged pigment cells, Blotchiness- uneven skin tones and texture will be improved & Acne scars & chicken pox scars. Please be mindful that if you have active acne you should not have this treatment as it can actually make your acne worse. We would need to combat your acne so it is dormant before starting hydrafacials on your skin.

The benefits of Hydradermabrasion AKA HydraFacials include a Smoother skin surface, Stimulated collagen and elastin, Aids in producing more normal cell production, Stimulates lymphatic system and blood, Cells move more evenly toward the epidermis and shed more evenly resulting in lasting results and more even, plump skin.

Remember this is a progressive, not aggressive treatment. Although one HydraFacial treatment will yield a fresher, smoother looking skin, generally results are noticed after the forth – sixth treatment.

The average treatment plan is 4-12 treatments. How many treatments might be necessary will depend on the condition of your skin and the goals we are working towards.

Initially Hydrafacial treatments can be performed every 7-14 days. Once your series of treatments is completed it is recommended that monthly maintenance continue in order to maintain the desired result.

We recommend you not use glycolic, AHAs or any retinol products 2 days before and 2-4 days post, No suntan beds to be used 2 week post treatment (we really hope your just not using them at all) SPF 50 to be applied and re-applied during sun-exposure, Keep treated area clean and well hydrated.

For best results commit to a course of treatments & stick to the correct treatment intervals and use active skincare such as Synergy Skin, in order to achieve maximum results. Your therapist can set you up with a treatment plan which will include your Hydrafacial treatments at the desired intervals woven amongst light therapy treatments and Enzyme Hydropeels. These treatments will be decided upon by your therapist according to your specific skincare needs!

The benefit of having a treatment plan with these extra treatments is that the light therapy treatments will help your skin repair even quicker, giving you faster results and the Enzyme hydro peels will work to open up your skin, removing any stubborn layers that are essentially stopping the targeted serums from getting to the bottom layer of your skin and working their magic.

Some people will need both, whilst some may only need to weave either treatment amongst their HydraFacials.

Its no wonder Queen B, and Kate Winslet are fans of these treatments. And we are so excited to be able to share them with you. We may not be able to sing like them but we sure can have flawless skin like them! Now all we need is their bank accounts.

For more information on how Hydrafacials can benefit you send us an email on or you can book your appointment now by visiting our website

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