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5 tips on creating a greener easter experience

Easter has many different meanings and ways of celebrating across the ages and the globe. Some view it as a time to splurge and eat chocolate and others celebrate it for religious purposes as the resurrection of Christ. No matter why or how you celebrate it, there are always ways to make it a greener Easter!

Instead of gifting objects for Easter such as toys, spend the money on an experience your family or friends would like. Gifting an experience helps limit the waste produced in wrapping paper, chocolate wrappers and much more. Experiences can be for any group of people. Friends, family, partners, employees and no matter what, you will be able to treasure the memories forever.

When creating those stunning Easter baskets for your kiddies to plow through, use recycled shredded paper or dry leaves. Using newspapers can create an edgy look and using leaves can create a more interactive hands on experience. The same thing goes if you decide to get gifts! Use recycled wrapping paper to try and limit the footprint of waste we leave during this holiday.

Dyed eggs are a beautiful Easter tradition full of colour and celebration. The dyes we use can pollute and poison the earth. To create a greener Easter, make your own dyes from organic products, this also makes sure that you can eat the eggs after! Using bright berries or veggies is a fun experiment at creating your own dyes.

The link below has a method for creating stunning dyes and patterns.

Something we love to celebrate over Easter is chocolate! This delicious bean has been transformed in so many different ways and combined with infinite flavors. Chocolate is often covered in foil or plastic in most mass production brands. Going to local businesses gives you the best quality chocolate while also supporting local businesses in your area. I’ve found when I have gone to my local chocolate shop they use paper bags to hand over the goods. Keeping my tummy and the earth happy!

However you celebrate and however you decide to be a little greener this easter we wish you a very happy Easter holiday, filled with loads of “remember when”.

The Team at Bare Beauty House

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