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Best beauty regime in your 40’s

Young children may accompany your 40s, which means your poor, tired skin will suffer from sleepless nights and eating leftover spaghetti. Your skin cell turnover rate has halved since your 20s, meaning wrinkles have sunk in and your skin is probably a little less radiant. Hormonal changes are also common, as your levels of estrogen decline, affecting the function of fibroblasts, which produce elastin and collagen, and melanocytes that keep the skin firm, smooth, and toned.

Hopefully, you have been doing a double cleanse for the last few decades, if not there’s no better time to start. You will then follow this by toning your skin. You want to use a toner that will hydrate and rebalance your skin, so look for toners infused with rich moisturising ingredients like natural botanicals and peptides. Peptides are amazing for ageing skin as they comprise chains of amino acids that can help with cell renewal and tissue repair.

You will then need to exfoliate. Exfoliation is an essential step in all skincare regimes, but it’s especially important for mature skin as it helps increase skin renewal.

If you haven’t already invested in a serum, now is the time. Serums have a lightweight formula with a smaller molecular structure, which means they can penetrate further and repair and hydrate the skin at a much deeper level.

The next step we recommend is using a brightening agent in the daytime, we like to use vitamin C in the morning to fight against pollution and protect our skin during the daytime, and then use retinol in the evening. In your 40s, your skin gets thinner from a loss of collagen, which leads to fine lines and smile creases. Therefore you need to boost your skin’s natural collagen by using a retinoid.

Your eyes are one of the first places to show signs of ageing as the skin around the eye is superdelicate, so you should be using an eye cream day and night. Look for a formula that has antioxidants and retinol, as these will deliver the best results.

By now you’re probably a moisturising pro, and you know you need to use it both morning and night. But you also need to make sure it’s the correct formula, enriched with anti-aging ingredients.

Nighttime Additions Only

In your 40s your skincare regime is all about hydration and locking in as much moisture as possible. Adding a face oil is a must. Oils are lipophilic, which means they have a smaller molecular structure so they can penetrate further into your dermis, allowing your skin to retain hydration at a much deeper level. They’ll also repair and protect the skin’s barrier while nourishing the skin. Plus, as you’re using a lot of anti-aging ingredients like retinol and AHAs, which can be drying, an oil will rebalance hydration levels.

We also suggest using a sleeping mask as they create a layer of protection, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate while you get your beauty sleep.

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