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How to choose the best nail colour for your wedding

Wedding colours include pastels, natural hues, and nude. As you enter your favourite sustainable nail salon for your wedding day booking, you are suddenly overwhelmed with all of the different options for nude nail polish. What was meant to be an easy nail polish selection has just turned into one of the hardest decisions of your wedding! But do not fear, bride-to-be, the nail experts here at Bare Beauty House are here to help with this easy guide to choosing your best nail colour for your wedding. With our favourite non-toxic, hard-wearing and long-lasting Dazzle Dry collection couldn’t get easier than this.

When it comes to neutral nail polish, it’s not a matter of one shade fits all, especially on your big day. This is because we all have different skin tones. To know your tone means that you know what range of neutral tone colours you can start looking at. First determine your skin tone by looking at the underside of your wrist. If the veins appear blue, you have cool undertones. If the veins appear green, you have warm undertones in your skin. If there is no distinct difference from green or blue, then you are lucky enough to be a neutral skin tone. The common skin classifications are; fair complexion with warm undertones, fair complexion with cool tones, medium complexion, olive complexion, and dark complexion.

Now that we know our skin tone, it’s time to pick our nail colour. “For a clean sleek look try going a shade or two lighter.” recommends Kana, The Bare Beauty House nail technician. For fair skin with cool undertones, try a sheer baby pink as it won’t look to yellow against your skin tone. Dazzle Dry suggests their nail polish ’Truth’ or ’Touch of Love’. Both are sheer cream nail polishes that are nontoxic. For medium skin completions with warm undertones, select creamy beiges. A few options are ’Smitten’, which is a full coverage creme. If you are wanting something a little less covered, try the semi-sheer creme colour, ’Strawberry Macaron’. Darker skin complexions are lucky enough to handle a variety of nudes from dusty pinks to pink latte tones. Dazzle Dry has these nude shades in ‘Boss’, ‘Girlish Giddy’ and ‘Ready Set Pose’ which are sure to be the theme of your wedding.

A few things to remember when choosing the correct shade of nail polish for your wedding is to not focus too much on trying to match your nude to your actual skin tone. Going a shade lighter or darker is actually a bit flattering. Nude polish is not only trending, but it will actually elongate the look of your fingers. So go ahead and walk down the isle this wedding season feeling confident with all of your wedding decisions, even your nail color.

Cheers to you, Bare Beauty Babe! Xx

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