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Why we trust Oway to colour your hair

Oway has created an outstanding colour brand and have strong values that we share. For these reasons we feel safe using them to create outstanding shades for you to enjoy month on end. Here is a little more information about Oway and what they do.

At Oway they creat Agricosmetics. For them, this means growing zero-mile plants, flowers and medicinal and aromatic shrubs on their ORTOFFICINA estate, on the hills of Bologna. It means choosing the biodynamic method – the healthiest and cleanest, which does not re- quire the use of chemicals – to obtain pure, ultra-effective essential oils, hydrolates and extracts that become active ingredients in OWAY treatments.

Agricosmetics® is packaging OWAY formulas, rich in natural ingredients, only in glass and aluminium, precious, protective and completely recyclable materials. agricosmetics® means eliminating plastic, which is highly polluting, and un- necessary and superfluous packaging and making the necessary tools exclusively in eco-sustainable paper, wood, metal, cotton: natural materials that convey authentic sensations. It means using renewable energy for business processes to reduce the environmental footprint.

agricosmetics® is creating concentrated products, rich in active ingredients so that, in the salon and at home, they are used in the right quantities, thus avoiding waste.

agricosmetics® is a way of thinking, a way of life, a conscious choice. It is putting care, conscience and attention in every choice and action, and creating quality products that respect environment and people.

Fair trade purchasing guarantees farmers a fair return and dignified work conditions, eliminating speculative intermediation and support- ing self-development projects. The producer organisations do not use child labour and they envisage a strong presence of women in participative and decision-making processes. The protection of the environment is guaranteed in all production phases and the farms respect local crops and biodiversity.

The phrase WE LOVE ANIMALS communicates their ethical choices. Oway has made a decision not to export OWAY to the countries, where importers are obligated to perform testing on animals. Marking the culmination of our work, we obtained PETA Cruelty Free recognition and certification in the U.S.A.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treat ment of Animals) is the largest world organisation for the protection of animal rights. PETA has always been at the forefront in the fight against vivisection, experimentation and other brutal treatments of animals.


Water is an essential raw material for many cosmetic products, but it is also the vehicle of microbes and bacteria, which may contaminate the formulas. To preserve the purity of our products to the maximum, the water contained in them undergoes two natural purifying treatments: reverse osmosis and ozonisation.

REVERSE OSMOSIS is a completely natural process that technology has “borrowed” from nature. It is a safe and effective system, which separates the water from foreign substances through the use of special mem- branes, called semi-permeable or osmotic. These membranes allow pure water filtration and retention of foreign substances both in suspension and dissolved. After reverse osmosis, we proceed to water ozonisation.

Ozone, a natural molecule composed of 3 atoms of oxygen, destroys any residual microorganisms by oxidation, breaking the cell membrane in a few seconds. As a result of these process- es, the water is microbiologically purified.

Oway actively ensures their products are as natural as can be, preserving the ingredients, the land on which they are grown and the community helping to harvest them. They care about the entire process and make high qualoity professional products.

This is why we will continue to support them.

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