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My story

Hi Im Naomi, Founder/colour master and sustainability leader at Bare Beauty House.

I have been in the hairdressing industry for just over 20 years now and in that time I have worked internationally as well as with some of the biggest names in the Australian Hairdressing Community. I had the privilege to join the Matrix HOT (House of talent) team where we were involved in getting 100 models coloured and styled for hair expo 2018. In addition I owned and ran a hair salon in Sydneys Eastern Suburbs for 6 years and have recently opened my second salon Bare Beauty House which is an eco luxe hair and beauty salon.

The driving force that created Bare Beauty House was the combination of two passions. A passion for the hair and beauty industry and a passion for the environment.

At Bare Beauty House sustainable luxury is achieved by offering services in a completely green environment. All the products used are biodynamic/organic and/or are made of natural ingredients that are PETA certified and involved in fair trade practices.

The Hair and Beauty Industry has a very high plastic waste issue. A lot of people are unaware of this problem, as the beauty industry is all about creating beauty but the “Bare Facts” are that 8 Million tonnes of plastic, litter our oceans every year. (

“My love of animals, in particular marine life, has always driven me to be a better person and make better choices. After seeing countless videos and images of animals stuck in waste, or consuming our waste, in particular plastic, and seeing the ocean suffer due to our negligence I decided enough was enough. I needed to do something different, with the vision that I could impact my local community and hopefully a part of my industry, for us all to make some positive changes.”

All salon waste is recycled through a company called Sustainable Salons and the salon uses Eco Heads shower heads which purify the water and reduce the amount of water needed by 65%.

Bare Beauty House has been created with the buildings heritage in mind, staying true to its traditional elements and blending it with the newer additions needed for the salon and eco friendly elements such as the veggie patch and worm farm in the courtyard. The clippings from this veggie patch are gifted to local restaurants.

The salon also plans to incorporate a street library on the side of the property and start a regifting service where clients and the local community can regift and re-use unwanted glass bottles as well as offer a refill program for certain hair and beauty products. Bare Beauty House plans to be involved in the local community planning clean up events as well as promoting local eco fashion/jewellery designers and alike.

Stepping foot in our salon, is like arriving at your best friends place, you’ll be welcomed into our house, with old school charm, by our passionate and highly skilled team. Addictive customer service, paired with luxurious treatments, that don’t compromise on quality or the environment, is at the heart of everything we do.

All because we believe

“Beauty shouldn’t cost the earth”

Want to get to know me better? Pop into the salon for a chat I’m always around!

35 Pittwater Road, Manly

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