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Is luxury a bad word?

Some people may think Luxury is a dirty word and often think of it as an unnecessary use of resources for ego chasing purpose. However, Luxury means more than that. ‘Luxury’ used more in the original’s sense, is to indicate an object that was more beautiful or precious than others. When you think about it that way, sustainable luxury works hand in hand.

With this in mind, you can make mindful choices that care for the environment and live the lifestyle that not only feels good but is good for more than you or your family. It’s good for the environment.

Lets take travel for example… (whenever it is they allow us to travel again)

A lot of Airlines offer low emission flights and whilst there are not as many of them available, you can book in advance to ensure you get all the seats you need. A little organisation hurt nobody right!

There are also a lot of luxurious hotels and villas around the world that focus on preservation and conservation whilst providing a luxurious service treating their guests like royalty.

Alila Villa Uluwatu in Bali is one of the most breathtaking villas. It’s the very first resort in all of Indonesia to receive the highest level of certification from EarthCheck for its myriad environmentally sustainable design measures.

Sanra in Tulum, Mexico is arguably one of the most luxurious hotels you can find, yet they make everything in house. They built all aspects of the property with the environment in mind. They build everything above the sand to minimise environmental impact and allow the sea turtles to nest. Room, please!!

Now if you decide that overseas travel doesn’t line up with your sustainability values, there are plenty of sustainably conscious resorts in Australia.

From its conception, Emirates one and only Wolgan Valley, was built with ecological sustainability in mind. They nestle this resort on its own 7000 acre wildlife preserve in the Blue Mountains. It has a waste management system in place that includes rainwater collection, domestic water recycling and the use of recycled building materials.

Another simple way to improve your eco luxe lifestyle is to set aside some budget for better quality items, this way you have a gorgeous piece whether it is preloved or purchased new but you don’t have to replace it like you would an item of less quality. Spending more in one purchase saves you money in the long term, if you choose a piece you know will be a staple item and last years. It also reduces emissions as fewer items need to be produced.

Researching the brands you spend your money with is vital, as you need to make sure the brand themselves have sustainable practices and are playing their part. A lot more brands are choosing to provide products in recycled packaging, using natural ingredients, and using low emission transport to get the goods to your door, using recycled timbers, etc. Whatever the brand does, just make sure it aligns with your values and you feel good about spending your money with them.

For example, Loro Piana recognises, through luxury fashion, its customers can contribute to the wildlife and the natural world. Loro Piana the eco-luxury brand has partnered with the Andean Paisano people of Peru in saving the Vicuna from extinction.

Google them! They are too cute!

Making better choices on where you spend your money, planning for things and saving for them means a better lifestyle for you and a better world to live in. There is no downside to the eco-luxe lifestyle !!

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