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5 Hair Tips Every Surfer Girl Needs!

Located in Manly, home one of Australia’s most famous surf beaches, Bare Beauty House recognises the importance of taking care our hair, when in and out of the ocean constantly. Here are 5 tips every surfer girl needs to maintain happy and healthy hair this summer!

  1. Wet your hair before going into the water.

Wetting your hair before a surf prevents the absorption of salt water. Salt water dehydrates your hair and scalp, leaving it feeling dry, brittle, and frizzy. By simply wetting your hair with fresh water before going for a surf, you are able to stop the absorption, keeping your hair soft and healthy.

  1. Coconut oil.

For an extra moisturising effect coconut oil can be gently massaged into the hair and scalp before entering the water. This will eliminate the effects of a dry scalp, keeping you hair happy and healthy.

  1. Braid hair.

Braiding your hair before a surf reduces the amount of hair exposed to the water. With less hair exposed, less hair will be dried out by the salt water, keeping it healthy. While this method is not full proof, it doesn’t require getting your hair wet, which may be a problem when travelling to the beach.

  1. Hair mask before entering the water.

Another method of keeping you hair healthy when surfing and swimming in the ocean is by applying a hair mask. Not only does this ensure your hair is kept moisturised within the water, but also without. Once the mask is washed out, your hair will be left feeling softer, smoother, and silkier than before. For more information about hair masks, make sure to have a chat with our expert hairdressers here at Bare Beauty House.

  1. No rubber bands.

When surfing and swimming it is extremely important that you do not tie your hair with a rubber band. This will cause breakage when removed, leading to split ends and hair damage. To supplement this other types of elastic bands may be used in the case of tying your hair in braids, however it is not recommended.

Each of these tips will help ensure your hair remains happy and healthy, keeping moisturised and maintained when in and out of the ocean this summer!